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FRDA, FARR, FXN, FA, Fxn, Friedreich ataxia, MGC57199, Frataxin, mitochondrial precursor, Friedreich ataxia protein, CyaY, X25, frataxin

Choropleth map on BodyParts3D

Choropleth maps on 3D human body images were generated by the relative gene expression values measured by GeneChip.

Classification in 40 Organs

brain blood connective
EST cerebrum:9.50 cerebellum:- brain stem:- corpus callosum/glia:- pineal gland:- peripheral nerve:- spine:- retina:- eye:5.90 artery/aorta:- vein:- lymphnode:- peripheral blood:- spleen:- thymus:- bone marrow:- adipose:- bone:- skin:4.80
GeneChip cerebrum:4.18 cerebellum:4.22 brain stem:4.20 corpus callosum/glia:4.31 pineal gland:- peripheral nerve:4.33 spine:4.29 retina:- eye:- artery/aorta:4.39 vein:4.36 lymphnode:4.71 peripheral blood:- spleen:4.72 thymus:4.11 bone marrow:5.28 adipose:4.43 bone:- skin:4.26
CAGE cerebrum:2.76 cerebellum:- brain stem:2.88 corpus callosum/glia:2.98 pineal gland:2.64 peripheral nerve:- spine:2.78 retina:- eye:- artery/aorta:2.46 vein:2.83 lymphnode:2.87 peripheral blood:- spleen:2.83 thymus:1.84 bone marrow:- adipose:2.63 bone:- skin:-
RNA-seq cerebrum:0.85 cerebellum:- brain stem:- corpus callosum/glia:- pineal gland:- peripheral nerve:- spine:- retina:- eye:- artery/aorta:- vein:- lymphnode:0.47 peripheral blood:- spleen:- thymus:- bone marrow:- adipose:0.67 bone:- skin:-
reproductive muscular alimentary liver lung urinary endo/exo-crine
EST uterus:- placenta:3.60 prostate:11.30 ovary:- testis:- heart:12.80 muscle:- esophagus:- stomach:- intestine:- colon:8.50     liver/hepato:-        lung:-    bladder:- kidney:- pituitary:- thyroid/parathyroid:- adrenal gland:- pancreas:- breast:- salivary:-
GeneChip uterus:4.84 placenta:4 prostate:4.77 ovary:4.74 testis:5.01 heart:5.08 muscle:5.06 esophagus:4.41 stomach:4.74 intestine:4.78 colon:4.91 liver/hepato:5.80 lung:4.17 bladder:- kidney:4.56 pituitary:4.27 thyroid/parathyroid:4.51 adrenal gland:5.16 pancreas:4.78 breast:4.39 salivary:4.89
CAGE uterus:2.71 placenta:2.21 prostate:2.83 ovary:3.11 testis:3.04 heart:3.36 muscle:3.37 esophagus:2.54 stomach:- intestine:2.04 colon:2.57     liver/hepato:3.62    lung:2.58 bladder:2.85 kidney:2.64 pituitary:2.73 thyroid/parathyroid:2.82 adrenal gland:- pancreas:3.57 breast:2.95 salivary:3.05
RNA-seq uterus:- placenta:- prostate:1.74 ovary:1.67 testis:1.10 heart:2.16 muscle:1.69 esophagus:- stomach:- intestine:- colon:0.97     liver/hepato:2.30        lung:0.56    bladder:- kidney:0.89 pituitary:- thyroid/parathyroid:1.28 adrenal gland:1.37 pancreas:- breast:1.09 salivary:-


Refseq ID NM_000144
Gene ID 2395
Unigene ID Hs.20685
Probe set ID 205565_s_at  [HG-U133_Plus_2]
Ensembl ID ENSG00000165060
GTEx ID ENSG00000165060

Orthologous Gene

Mouse[1]  NM_008044
Rat [0]  

Chromosomal Region

Gene Family (Interpro ID)

Link to Pubmed  (Pubmed ID)

Gene Ontology  (GO ID)

Biological Process

GO:0007628  adult walking behavior
GO:0009060  aerobic respiration
GO:0006879  cellular iron ion homeostasis
GO:0070301  cellular response to hydrogen peroxide
GO:0009792  embryonic development ending in birth or egg hatching
GO:0006783  heme biosynthetic process
GO:0006811  ion transport
GO:0018283  iron incorporation into metallo-sulfur cluster
GO:0007005  mitochondrion organization
GO:0043066  negative regulation of apoptosis
GO:0040015  negative regulation of multicellular organism growth
GO:0046621  negative regulation of organ growth
GO:0090201  negative regulation of release of cytochrome c from mitochondria
GO:0006119  oxidative phosphorylation
GO:0045773  positive regulation of axon extension
GO:0030307  positive regulation of cell growth
GO:0008284  positive regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0051349  positive regulation of lyase activity
GO:0048554  positive regulation of metalloenzyme activity
GO:0051353  positive regulation of oxidoreductase activity
GO:0051347  positive regulation of transferase activity
GO:0019230  proprioception
GO:0016540  protein autoprocessing
GO:0010722  regulation of ferrochelatase activity
GO:0042493  response to drug
GO:0010039  response to iron ion
GO:0014070  response to organic cyclic substance

Cellular Component

GO:0005829  cytosol
GO:0005759  mitochondrial matrix
GO:0005739  mitochondrion

Molecular Function

GO:0051537  2 iron, 2 sulfur cluster binding
GO:0019899  enzyme binding
GO:0008199  ferric iron binding
GO:0008198  ferrous iron binding
GO:0004322  ferroxidase activity
GO:0034986  iron chaperone activity
GO:0051536  iron-sulfur cluster binding
GO:0005515  protein binding