proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, non-ATPase, 14



PSMD14, 26S proteasome non-ATPase regulatory subunit 14, 26S proteasome regulatory subunit rpn11, POH1, pad1, rpn11, 26S proteasome-associated PAD1 homolog 1, PAD1

発現マップ on BodyParts3D

相対発現量を、人体 3D 画像にマップしたものです。Genechip 組織40分類 の発現パターンを使用しています。


EST 大脳:91.30 小脳:88.20 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:296.70 末梢神経:30.70 脊柱:- 網膜:- 目:205.70 動脈:179.90 静脈:- リンパ節:91 末梢血:72.90 脾臓:- 胸腺:12.90 骨髄:177.10 脂肪:40.30 骨:64 皮膚:168
GeneChip 大脳:8.45 小脳:8.19 脳幹:8.75 脳梁:8.21 松果体:- 末梢神経:8.30 脊柱:8.55 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:7.53 静脈:8.02 リンパ節:7.84 末梢血:- 脾臓:7.26 胸腺:8.54 骨髄:7.58 脂肪:7.93 骨:- 皮膚:8.28
CAGE 大脳:3.79 小脳:- 脳幹:3.81 脳梁:3.32 松果体:3.95 末梢神経:- 脊柱:3.94 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:3.26 静脈:3.27 リンパ節:3.67 末梢血:- 脾臓:3.67 胸腺:3.59 骨髄:- 脂肪:3.54 骨:- 皮膚:-
RNA-seq 大脳:5.36 小脳:- 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:- 末梢神経:- 脊柱:- 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:- 静脈:- リンパ節:4.22 末梢血:- 脾臓:- 胸腺:- 骨髄:- 脂肪:4.86 骨:- 皮膚:-
EST 子宮:127.60 胎盤:102 前立腺:135.20 卵巣:149.10 精巣:64.90 心臓:217.10 骨格筋:60.30 食道:- 胃:42.50 腸:162 結腸:135.70     肝臓:232.20        肺:68.40    膀胱:251.20 腎臓:52 下垂体:232 甲状腺:327.50 副腎:101.60 膵臓:195.60 乳腺:185.90 唾液腺:-
GeneChip 子宮:7.98 胎盤:7.86 前立腺:8.34 卵巣:7.92 精巣:8.29 心臓:7.92 骨格筋:8.85 食道:8.66 胃:7.67 腸:8.17 結腸:7.31 肝臓:7.60 肺:7.56 膀胱:- 腎臓:7.58 下垂体:7.97 甲状腺:7.80 副腎:8.11 膵臓:8 乳腺:7.92 唾液腺:7.32
CAGE 子宮:3.19 胎盤:3.53 前立腺:3.12 卵巣:3.18 精巣:3.76 心臓:3.48 骨格筋:4.22 食道:3.47 胃:- 腸:3.33 結腸:3.11     肝臓:4.01    肺:3.44 膀胱:3.10 腎臓:3.78 下垂体:3.95 甲状腺:3.27 副腎:- 膵臓:3.32 乳腺:3.67 唾液腺:3.05
RNA-seq 子宮:- 胎盤:- 前立腺:4.36 卵巣:4.86 精巣:5.74 心臓:4.40 骨格筋:5.12 食道:- 胃:- 腸:- 結腸:4.62     肝臓:5.16        肺:3.88    膀胱:- 腎臓:5.22 下垂体:- 甲状腺:5.98 副腎:5.40 膵臓:- 乳腺:5.46 唾液腺:-

遺伝子オントロジー  (GO ID)

Biological Process

GO:0031145  anaphase-promoting complex-dependent proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
GO:0042590  antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I
GO:0002479  antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I, TAP-dependent
GO:0002474  antigen processing and presentation of peptide antigen via MHC class I
GO:0006915  apoptosis
GO:0034641  cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process
GO:0006977  DNA damage response, signal transduction by p53 class mediator resulting in cell cycle arrest
GO:0000724  double-strand break repair via homologous recombination
GO:0006303  double-strand break repair via nonhomologous end joining
GO:0000082  G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle
GO:0010467  gene expression
GO:0000278  mitotic cell cycle
GO:0016071  mRNA metabolic process
GO:0043066  negative regulation of apoptosis
GO:0051436  negative regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle
GO:0010950  positive regulation of endopeptidase activity
GO:0051437  positive regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle
GO:0070536  protein K63-linked deubiquitination
GO:0000209  protein polyubiquitination
GO:0042981  regulation of apoptosis
GO:0006521  regulation of cellular amino acid metabolic process
GO:0051439  regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle
GO:0016070  RNA metabolic process
GO:0006511  ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
GO:0016032  viral reproduction

Cellular Component

GO:0005829  cytosol
GO:0005654  nucleoplasm
GO:0022624  proteasome accessory complex
GO:0000502  proteasome complex
GO:0008541  proteasome regulatory particle, lid subcomplex

Molecular Function

GO:0046872  metal ion binding
GO:0008237  metallopeptidase activity
GO:0070628  proteasome binding
GO:0004221  ubiquitin thiolesterase activity