inhibitor of DNA binding 2, dominant negative helix-loop-helix protein



MGC26389, ID2A, ID2, GIG8, ID2H, Inhibitor of DNA binding 2, DNA-binding protein inhibitor ID-2

発現マップ on BodyParts3D

相対発現量を、人体 3D 画像にマップしたものです。Genechip 組織40分類 の発現パターンを使用しています。


EST 大脳:107.80 小脳:63 脳幹:- 脳梁:58.30 松果体:148.30 末梢神経:153.40 脊柱:224.60 網膜:118.60 目:94 動脈:89.90 静脈:- リンパ節:91 末梢血:36.40 脾臓:- 胸腺:25.80 骨髄:59 脂肪:242 骨:102.40 皮膚:81.60
GeneChip 大脳:8.60 小脳:7.89 脳幹:7.97 脳梁:8.89 松果体:- 末梢神経:8.54 脊柱:9.67 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:10.21 静脈:10.22 リンパ節:8.93 末梢血:- 脾臓:9.80 胸腺:8.79 骨髄:8.97 脂肪:9.13 骨:- 皮膚:8.81
CAGE 大脳:5.29 小脳:- 脳幹:4.55 脳梁:5.34 松果体:3.61 末梢神経:- 脊柱:5.15 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:6.88 静脈:5.12 リンパ節:4.83 末梢血:- 脾臓:4.95 胸腺:4.95 骨髄:- 脂肪:5.30 骨:- 皮膚:-
RNA-seq 大脳:5.79 小脳:- 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:- 末梢神経:- 脊柱:- 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:- 静脈:- リンパ節:5.75 末梢血:- 脾臓:- 胸腺:- 骨髄:- 脂肪:4.27 骨:- 皮膚:-
EST 子宮:82 胎盤:40.10 前立腺:45.10 卵巣:149.10 精巣:38.90 心臓:229.90 骨格筋:20.10 食道:- 胃:42.50 腸:97.20 結腸:59.40     肝臓:253.30        肺:176    膀胱:251.20 腎臓:104 下垂体:116 甲状腺:163.70 副腎:203.10 膵臓:168.90 乳腺:83.60 唾液腺:-
GeneChip 子宮:9.33 胎盤:7.11 前立腺:10.20 卵巣:9.39 精巣:6.59 心臓:8.95 骨格筋:5.28 食道:8.31 胃:9.02 腸:8.38 結腸:9.27 肝臓:10.49 肺:9.58 膀胱:- 腎臓:9.72 下垂体:8.35 甲状腺:10.04 副腎:10.08 膵臓:7.10 乳腺:9.09 唾液腺:9.29
CAGE 子宮:5.25 胎盤:4.33 前立腺:5.51 卵巣:6.26 精巣:4.02 心臓:5.36 骨格筋:4.28 食道:4.70 胃:- 腸:5.13 結腸:5.58     肝臓:6.70    肺:5.41 膀胱:5.62 腎臓:5.57 下垂体:4.46 甲状腺:4.89 副腎:- 膵臓:4.75 乳腺:5.69 唾液腺:5.51
RNA-seq 子宮:- 胎盤:- 前立腺:6.51 卵巣:7.30 精巣:5.33 心臓:4.06 骨格筋:3.28 食道:- 胃:- 腸:- 結腸:5.89     肝臓:6.67        肺:5.76    膀胱:- 腎臓:6.05 下垂体:- 甲状腺:5.32 副腎:5.77 膵臓:- 乳腺:4.90 唾液腺:-

遺伝子オントロジー  (GO ID)

Biological Process

GO:0060612  adipose tissue development
GO:0003166  bundle of His development
GO:0048469  cell maturation
GO:0071285  cellular response to lithium ion
GO:0048557  embryonic digestive tract morphogenesis
GO:0009649  entrainment of circadian clock
GO:0043353  enucleate erythrocyte differentiation
GO:0060749  mammary gland alveolus development
GO:0033598  mammary gland epithelial cell proliferation
GO:0003149  membranous septum morphogenesis
GO:0001656  metanephros development
GO:0007275  multicellular organismal development
GO:0001779  natural killer cell differentiation
GO:0045578  negative regulation of B cell differentiation
GO:0043392  negative regulation of DNA binding
GO:0010629  negative regulation of gene expression
GO:0045665  negative regulation of neuron differentiation
GO:0048715  negative regulation of oligodendrocyte differentiation
GO:0045668  negative regulation of osteoblast differentiation
GO:0043433  negative regulation of transcription factor activity
GO:0000122  negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0045892  negative regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0048663  neuron fate commitment
GO:0021772  olfactory bulb development
GO:0014003  oligodendrocyte development
GO:0048541  Peyer's patch development
GO:0048711  positive regulation of astrocyte differentiation
GO:0045777  positive regulation of blood pressure
GO:0045787  positive regulation of cell cycle
GO:0071158  positive regulation of cell cycle arrest
GO:0045648  positive regulation of erythrocyte differentiation
GO:0045600  positive regulation of fat cell differentiation
GO:0010628  positive regulation of gene expression
GO:0045651  positive regulation of macrophage differentiation
GO:0048661  positive regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation
GO:0045893  positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
GO:0019216  regulation of lipid metabolic process

Cellular Component

GO:0000785  chromatin
GO:0005737  cytoplasm
GO:0005829  cytosol
GO:0005730  nucleolus
GO:0005634  nucleus
GO:0043234  protein complex

Molecular Function

GO:0005515  protein binding
GO:0046983  protein dimerization activity