inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor, type 3



ITPR3, Type 3 inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor, IP3 receptor isoform 3, inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor, type 3, IP3R3, FLJ36205, Type 3 InsP3 receptor, InsP3R3, Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor type 3

発現マップ on BodyParts3D

相対発現量を、人体 3D 画像にマップしたものです。Genechip 組織40分類 の発現パターンを使用しています。


EST 大脳:34.40 小脳:12.60 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:- 末梢神経:122.70 脊柱:336.90 網膜:- 目:29.40 動脈:30 静脈:- リンパ節:161.80 末梢血:18.20 脾臓:56.70 胸腺:103.10 骨髄:- 脂肪:- 骨:102.40 皮膚:182.40
GeneChip 大脳:5.67 小脳:5.28 脳幹:5.77 脳梁:5.73 松果体:- 末梢神経:8.41 脊柱:6.20 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:6.93 静脈:6.58 リンパ節:8.17 末梢血:- 脾臓:8.82 胸腺:7.60 骨髄:6.34 脂肪:7.28 骨:- 皮膚:8.37
CAGE 大脳:1.10 小脳:- 脳幹:1.69 脳梁:0.82 松果体:1.68 末梢神経:- 脊柱:1.96 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:2.30 静脈:2.67 リンパ節:2.93 末梢血:- 脾臓:3.33 胸腺:2.57 骨髄:- 脂肪:2.53 骨:- 皮膚:-
RNA-seq 大脳:0.67 小脳:- 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:- 末梢神経:- 脊柱:- 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:- 静脈:- リンパ節:3.29 末梢血:- 脾臓:- 胸腺:- 骨髄:- 脂肪:2.55 骨:- 皮膚:-
EST 子宮:27.30 胎盤:7.30 前立腺:22.50 卵巣:37.30 精巣:103.80 心臓:38.30 骨格筋:- 食道:- 胃:21.20 腸:64.80 結腸:407     肝臓:21.10        肺:102.60    膀胱:- 腎臓:52 下垂体:- 甲状腺:- 副腎:- 膵臓:26.70 乳腺:148.70 唾液腺:-
GeneChip 子宮:6.88 胎盤:6.43 前立腺:7.09 卵巣:7.27 精巣:8.03 心臓:6.87 骨格筋:6.07 食道:7.70 胃:8.38 腸:7.51 結腸:8.42 肝臓:6.08 肺:8.36 膀胱:- 腎臓:6.80 下垂体:6.28 甲状腺:8.68 副腎:7.24 膵臓:6.49 乳腺:7.81 唾液腺:7.25
CAGE 子宮:2.48 胎盤:1.77 前立腺:2.46 卵巣:2.02 精巣:3.44 心臓:2.62 骨格筋:1.28 食道:2.69 胃:- 腸:4.10 結腸:3.93     肝臓:0.63    肺:3.59 膀胱:2.13 腎臓:2.54 下垂体:1.98 甲状腺:3.59 副腎:- 膵臓:2.71 乳腺:2.59 唾液腺:2.80
RNA-seq 子宮:- 胎盤:- 前立腺:2.20 卵巣:2.09 精巣:2.04 心臓:1.02 骨格筋:0.63 食道:- 胃:- 腸:- 結腸:1.80     肝臓:0.30        肺:3.04    膀胱:- 腎臓:2.42 下垂体:- 甲状腺:3.71 副腎:2.44 膵臓:- 乳腺:1.19 唾液腺:-

遺伝子オントロジー  (GO ID)

Biological Process

GO:0007202  activation of phospholipase C activity
GO:0007596  blood coagulation
GO:0060402  calcium ion transport into cytosol
GO:0007204  elevation of cytosolic calcium ion concentration
GO:0006112  energy reserve metabolic process
GO:0007173  epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway
GO:0008543  fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway
GO:0007186  G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway
GO:0045087  innate immune response
GO:0060291  long-term synaptic potentiation
GO:0007613  memory
GO:0048011  nerve growth factor receptor signaling pathway
GO:0030168  platelet activation
GO:0051291  protein heterooligomerization
GO:0051260  protein homooligomerization
GO:0050796  regulation of insulin secretion
GO:0051592  response to calcium ion
GO:0050913  sensory perception of bitter taste
GO:0050916  sensory perception of sweet taste
GO:0050917  sensory perception of umami taste
GO:0007165  signal transduction

Cellular Component

GO:0045177  apical part of cell
GO:0005903  brush border
GO:0043025  cell soma
GO:0005737  cytoplasm
GO:0005783  endoplasmic reticulum
GO:0005789  endoplasmic reticulum membrane
GO:0005887  integral to plasma membrane
GO:0043209  myelin sheath
GO:0005640  nuclear outer membrane
GO:0005730  nucleolus
GO:0005654  nucleoplasm
GO:0005886  plasma membrane
GO:0031095  platelet dense tubular network membrane

Molecular Function

GO:0043533  inositol 1,3,4,5 tetrakisphosphate binding
GO:0070679  inositol 1,4,5 trisphosphate binding
GO:0005220  inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-sensitive calcium-release channel activity
GO:0000822  inositol hexakisphosphate binding
GO:0005218  intracellular ligand-gated calcium channel activity
GO:0035091  phosphoinositide binding
GO:0005515  protein binding