proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, alpha type, 1



Proteasome subunit alpha type 1, MGC22853, MGC14751, PROS30, Proteasome component C2, PROS-30, Multicatalytic endopeptidase complex subunit C2, Macropain subunit C2, PSMA1, MGC1667, MGC21459, MGC14542, PSC2, MGC23915, NU, MGC14575, 30 kDa prosomal protein, Proteasome nu chain

発現マップ on BodyParts3D

相対発現量を、人体 3D 画像にマップしたものです。Genechip 組織40分類 の発現パターンを使用しています。


EST 大脳:81.80 小脳:88.20 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:- 末梢神経:184 脊柱:- 網膜:- 目:94 動脈:30 静脈:199.90 リンパ節:111.20 末梢血:91.10 脾臓:75.60 胸腺:51.50 骨髄:59 脂肪:80.70 骨:38.40 皮膚:172.80
GeneChip 大脳:8.49 小脳:8.55 脳幹:8.70 脳梁:7.98 松果体:- 末梢神経:8.87 脊柱:8.36 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:8.74 静脈:9.06 リンパ節:8.99 末梢血:- 脾臓:8.74 胸腺:9.68 骨髄:8.78 脂肪:9.12 骨:- 皮膚:9.20
CAGE 大脳:4.66 小脳:- 脳幹:4.57 脳梁:4.29 松果体:4.48 末梢神経:- 脊柱:4.59 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:4.65 静脈:4.64 リンパ節:4.82 末梢血:- 脾臓:4.90 胸腺:4.90 骨髄:- 脂肪:4.96 骨:- 皮膚:-
RNA-seq 大脳:1.36 小脳:- 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:- 末梢神経:- 脊柱:- 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:- 静脈:- リンパ節:1.20 末梢血:- 脾臓:- 胸腺:- 骨髄:- 脂肪:0.81 骨:- 皮膚:-
EST 子宮:127.60 胎盤:131.10 前立腺:191.50 卵巣:111.80 精巣:34.60 心臓:140.50 骨格筋:341.50 食道:- 胃:63.70 腸:129.60 結腸:93.30     肝臓:221.70        肺:88    膀胱:- 腎臓:72.80 下垂体:116 甲状腺:- 副腎:50.80 膵臓:177.80 乳腺:18.60 唾液腺:-
GeneChip 子宮:9.20 胎盤:9.12 前立腺:9.45 卵巣:9.25 精巣:8.83 心臓:9.03 骨格筋:9.71 食道:8.92 胃:8.80 腸:9.11 結腸:8.70 肝臓:8.66 肺:9.11 膀胱:- 腎臓:8.63 下垂体:8.78 甲状腺:8.93 副腎:8.87 膵臓:8.55 乳腺:8.90 唾液腺:8.65
CAGE 子宮:4.78 胎盤:5.03 前立腺:4.76 卵巣:4.65 精巣:4.77 心臓:4.91 骨格筋:5.15 食道:4.90 胃:- 腸:4.82 結腸:4.54     肝臓:5.04    肺:4.79 膀胱:4.84 腎臓:4.93 下垂体:4.90 甲状腺:4.85 副腎:- 膵臓:4.63 乳腺:4.81 唾液腺:4.66
RNA-seq 子宮:- 胎盤:- 前立腺:0.38 卵巣:1.51 精巣:0.62 心臓:1.33 骨格筋:0 食道:- 胃:- 腸:- 結腸:0.59     肝臓:2.17        肺:1.29    膀胱:- 腎臓:2.19 下垂体:- 甲状腺:1.97 副腎:2.03 膵臓:- 乳腺:1.27 唾液腺:-

遺伝子オントロジー  (GO ID)

Biological Process

GO:0031145  anaphase-promoting complex-dependent proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process
GO:0042590  antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I
GO:0002479  antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I, TAP-dependent
GO:0002474  antigen processing and presentation of peptide antigen via MHC class I
GO:0006915  apoptosis
GO:0034641  cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process
GO:0006977  DNA damage response, signal transduction by p53 class mediator resulting in cell cycle arrest
GO:0000082  G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle
GO:0010467  gene expression
GO:0000278  mitotic cell cycle
GO:0016071  mRNA metabolic process
GO:0043066  negative regulation of apoptosis
GO:0051436  negative regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle
GO:0051437  positive regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle
GO:0000209  protein polyubiquitination
GO:0042981  regulation of apoptosis
GO:0006521  regulation of cellular amino acid metabolic process
GO:0051439  regulation of ubiquitin-protein ligase activity during mitotic cell cycle
GO:0016070  RNA metabolic process
GO:0016032  viral reproduction

Cellular Component

GO:0005813  centrosome
GO:0005829  cytosol
GO:0005730  nucleolus
GO:0005654  nucleoplasm
GO:0005634  nucleus
GO:0005844  polysome
GO:0000502  proteasome complex
GO:0005839  proteasome core complex
GO:0019773  proteasome core complex, alpha-subunit complex

Molecular Function

GO:0005515  protein binding
GO:0003723  RNA binding
GO:0004298  threonine-type endopeptidase activity