bone morphogenetic protein 6



Bone morphogenetic protein 6 precursor, VGR, BMP 6, VGR1, BMP-6, BMP6, bone morphogenetic protein 6, vegetal related growth factor (TGFB-related)

発現マップ on BodyParts3D

相対発現量を、人体 3D 画像にマップしたものです。Genechip 組織40分類 の発現パターンを使用しています。


EST 大脳:4.70 小脳:- 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:- 末梢神経:- 脊柱:- 網膜:- 目:23.50 動脈:89.90 静脈:199.90 リンパ節:- 末梢血:- 脾臓:- 胸腺:- 骨髄:- 脂肪:- 骨:12.80 皮膚:14.40
GeneChip 大脳:5.29 小脳:5.26 脳幹:5.29 脳梁:5.26 松果体:- 末梢神経:5.43 脊柱:5.41 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:5.53 静脈:6.24 リンパ節:5.33 末梢血:- 脾臓:5.22 胸腺:4.97 骨髄:5.33 脂肪:6 骨:- 皮膚:5.54
CAGE 大脳:1.12 小脳:- 脳幹:1.15 脳梁:1.04 松果体:1.18 末梢神経:- 脊柱:1.05 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:2.30 静脈:1.57 リンパ節:1.42 末梢血:- 脾臓:1.15 胸腺:0.18 骨髄:- 脂肪:3.06 骨:- 皮膚:-
RNA-seq 大脳:1.24 小脳:- 脳幹:- 脳梁:- 松果体:- 末梢神経:- 脊柱:- 網膜:- 目:- 動脈:- 静脈:- リンパ節:2.54 末梢血:- 脾臓:- 胸腺:- 骨髄:- 脂肪:4.62 骨:- 皮膚:-
EST 子宮:18.20 胎盤:72.90 前立腺:11.30 卵巣:74.50 精巣:4.30 心臓:- 骨格筋:- 食道:- 胃:- 腸:32.40 結腸:8.50     肝臓:31.70        肺:19.60    膀胱:- 腎臓:10.40 下垂体:- 甲状腺:- 副腎:- 膵臓:- 乳腺:- 唾液腺:-
GeneChip 子宮:5.22 胎盤:7.14 前立腺:4.98 卵巣:5.85 精巣:5.22 心臓:5.42 骨格筋:5.54 食道:5.20 胃:5.49 腸:5.69 結腸:5.37 肝臓:5.20 肺:5.49 膀胱:- 腎臓:6.18 下垂体:5.71 甲状腺:5.14 副腎:5.25 膵臓:5.67 乳腺:5.34 唾液腺:5.44
CAGE 子宮:1.53 胎盤:2.65 前立腺:1.49 卵巣:1.73 精巣:1.22 心臓:1.60 骨格筋:2.06 食道:1.31 胃:- 腸:1.44 結腸:1.61     肝臓:0.71    肺:2.09 膀胱:1.45 腎臓:1.24 下垂体:1.24 甲状腺:0.82 副腎:- 膵臓:0.58 乳腺:2.64 唾液腺:1.39
RNA-seq 子宮:- 胎盤:- 前立腺:1.16 卵巣:2.72 精巣:2.45 心臓:0.93 骨格筋:0.89 食道:- 胃:- 腸:- 結腸:2.41     肝臓:1.91        肺:3.49    膀胱:- 腎臓:2.10 下垂体:- 甲状腺:1.01 副腎:1.78 膵臓:- 乳腺:2.51 唾液腺:-

遺伝子オントロジー  (GO ID)

Biological Process

GO:0030509  BMP signaling pathway
GO:0051216  cartilage development
GO:0001958  endochondral ossification
GO:0001654  eye development
GO:0040007  growth
GO:0006955  immune response
GO:0006954  inflammatory response
GO:0001822  kidney development
GO:0030539  male genitalia development
GO:0001649  osteoblast differentiation
GO:0003323  pancreatic B cell development
GO:0032349  positive regulation of aldosterone biosynthetic process
GO:0030501  positive regulation of bone mineralization
GO:0045603  positive regulation of endothelial cell differentiation
GO:0001938  positive regulation of endothelial cell proliferation
GO:0050679  positive regulation of epithelial cell proliferation
GO:0045666  positive regulation of neuron differentiation
GO:0045669  positive regulation of osteoblast differentiation
GO:0010862  positive regulation of pathway-restricted SMAD protein phosphorylation
GO:0050714  positive regulation of protein secretion
GO:0045944  positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
GO:0051384  response to glucocorticoid stimulus
GO:0032526  response to retinoic acid
GO:0001501  skeletal system development
GO:0060395  SMAD protein signal transduction

Cellular Component

GO:0005737  cytoplasm
GO:0005615  extracellular space
GO:0031988  membrane-bounded vesicle

Molecular Function

GO:0070700  BMP receptor binding
GO:0005125  cytokine activity
GO:0008083  growth factor activity
GO:0046982  protein heterodimerization activity