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hyaluronan and proteoglycan link protein 4

SynonymBrain link protein 2, Lpr4, 9330174O11, Bral2, Hapln4, hyaluronan and proteoglycan link protein 4, Link protein 4
Refseq IDNM_177900
Unigene IDMm.152048
Probe set ID-
EST brain:83.20  blood:-  connective:4.70  reproductive:2.90  muscular:-  alimentary:-  liver:-  lung:20.10  urinary:-  endo/exo-crine:17.30 
GeneChip nodata
CAGE brain:4.51  blood:0.07  connective:0.42  reproductive:1.09  muscular:-  alimentary:1.01  liver:2.76  lung:0.17  urinary:0.46  endo/exo-crine:1.38 
RNA-seq brain:20.32  blood:-  connective:-  reproductive:-  muscular:-  alimentary:-  liver:3.17  lung:-  urinary:-  endo/exo-crine:-