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zinc finger, FYVE domain containing 27

SynonymZFYVE27, zinc finger, FYVE domain containing 27, Zinc finger FYVE domain-containing protein 27, FLJ32919, SPG33, RP11-459F3.2
Refseq IDNM_144588
Unigene IDHs.523194
Probe set ID-
EST brain:116.50  blood:91.30  connective:45.00  reproductive:32.80  muscular:31.20  alimentary:70.40  liver:21.10  lung:29.30  urinary:57.60  endo/exo-crine:34.90 
GeneChip nodata
CAGE brain:3.22  blood:2.65  connective:2.30  reproductive:2.69  muscular:2.29  alimentary:2.93  liver:2.57  lung:2.58  urinary:2.37  endo/exo-crine:2.82 
RNA-seq brain:0.71  blood:0.00  connective:0.00  reproductive:0.00  muscular:0.00  alimentary:0.00  liver:0.00  lung:0.00  urinary:0.00  endo/exo-crine:0.00 

FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 4

Synonymfrabin, FGD1-related F-actin-binding protein, DKFZp313E1818, FRABP, FGD4, FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 4, ZFYVE6, MGC57222, FRABIN, Actin filament-binding protein frabin, Zinc finger FYVE domain-containing protein 6, FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain-containing protein 4
Refseq IDNM_139241
Unigene IDHs.117835
Probe set ID-
EST brain:45.60  blood:52.20  connective:32.10  reproductive:62.90  muscular:31.20  alimentary:95.60  liver:52.80  lung:14.70  urinary:38.40  endo/exo-crine:66.00 
GeneChip nodata
CAGE brain:3.74  blood:3.08  connective:4.77  reproductive:3.78  muscular:3.65  alimentary:4.18  liver:3.72  lung:4.32  urinary:3.82  endo/exo-crine:3.51 
RNA-seq brain:2.53  blood:2.04  connective:2.86  reproductive:2.41  muscular:2.56  alimentary:2.30  liver:1.78  lung:2.21  urinary:3.13  endo/exo-crine:2.35 

neuregulin 4

SynonymHRG4, DKFZp779N0541, neuregulin 4, Pro-NRG4, NRG4, Pro-neuregulin-4, membrane-bound isoform, DKFZp779N1944
Refseq IDNM_138573
Unigene ID-
Probe set ID-
EST nodata
GeneChip nodata
CAGE brain:1.30  blood:0.19  connective:0.36  reproductive:0.98  muscular:0.36  alimentary:0.50  liver:1.12  lung:0.71  urinary:0.73  endo/exo-crine:1.36 
RNA-seq brain:1.57  blood:0.57  connective:0.13  reproductive:0.98  muscular:0.25  alimentary:0.24  liver:0.74  lung:0.73  urinary:0.81  endo/exo-crine:0.75 

klotho beta

SynonymKLB, MGC142213, Klotho beta-like protein, klotho beta, BetaKlotho, Beta klotho
Refseq IDNM_175737
Unigene IDHs.90756
Probe set ID-
EST brain:1.70  blood:2.60  connective:3.20  reproductive:9.60  muscular:-  alimentary:-  liver:63.30  lung:-  urinary:-  endo/exo-crine:27.20 
GeneChip nodata
CAGE brain:0.25  blood:0.45  connective:2.90  reproductive:0.94  muscular:0.48  alimentary:0.75  liver:3.81  lung:0.36  urinary:0.24  endo/exo-crine:0.78 
RNA-seq brain:0.16  blood:0.13  connective:1.35  reproductive:0.58  muscular:0.04  alimentary:0.18  liver:3.69  lung:0.35  urinary:0.10  endo/exo-crine:1.38 

adenylate cyclase 4

SynonymAdenylyl cyclase 4, ADCY4, Adenylate cyclase type 4, adenylate cyclase 4, Adenylate cyclase type IV, ATP pyrophosphate-lyase 4
Refseq IDNM_139247
Unigene IDHs.443428
Probe set ID-
EST brain:6.80  blood:18.30  connective:16.10  reproductive:54.70  muscular:70.30  alimentary:25.20  liver:10.60  lung:19.60  urinary:-  endo/exo-crine:7.80 
GeneChip nodata
CAGE brain:1.50  blood:2.19  connective:3.21  reproductive:2.33  muscular:3.00  alimentary:2.02  liver:1.41  lung:2.91  urinary:1.99  endo/exo-crine:1.55 
RNA-seq brain:0.43  blood:1.52  connective:1.70  reproductive:1.10  muscular:0.96  alimentary:0.93  liver:0.10  lung:0.84  urinary:1.40  endo/exo-crine:2.03 

FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 2

SynonymMGC71330, FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain-containing protein 2, Zinc finger FYVE domain-containing protein 4, FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 2, ZFYVE4
Refseq IDNM_173558
Unigene IDHs.509664
Probe set ID-
EST brain:6.80  blood:49.50  connective:19.30  reproductive:12.30  muscular:-  alimentary:10.10  liver:-  lung:9.80  urinary:-  endo/exo-crine:- 
GeneChip nodata
CAGE brain:2.23  blood:3.46  connective:3.52  reproductive:1.76  muscular:1.90  alimentary:2.20  liver:2.30  lung:2.97  urinary:2.17  endo/exo-crine:1.66 
RNA-seq brain:0.77  blood:4.26  connective:1.43  reproductive:1.04  muscular:0.59  alimentary:0.24  liver:1.06  lung:1.81  urinary:1.34  endo/exo-crine:1.85 

RPTOR independent companion of MTOR, complex 2

SynonymMGC39830, rapamycin-insensitive companion of mTOR, mAVO3, DKFZp686B11164, KIAA1999, RICTOR
Refseq IDNM_152756
Unigene IDHs.407926
Probe set ID-
EST brain:34.60  blood:73.00  connective:41.80  reproductive:42.40  muscular:-  alimentary:30.20  liver:190.00  lung:29.30  urinary:48.00  endo/exo-crine:46.60 
GeneChip nodata
CAGE brain:3.96  blood:3.95  connective:3.95  reproductive:3.87  muscular:3.54  alimentary:3.52  liver:3.35  lung:4.07  urinary:3.75  endo/exo-crine:3.57 
RNA-seq brain:2.99  blood:2.82  connective:2.23  reproductive:2.84  muscular:2.81  alimentary:2.05  liver:1.71  lung:2.90  urinary:2.59  endo/exo-crine:2.71